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Minnesota farms:

blueberries, raspberries, fresh fruit,
grass fed beef, vegetables, and more

 Got u-pick, farm stand, farm store in Minnesota?  Sell your fresh produce here!
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 Ter-Lee Gardens u-pick, farm asparagus(May), strawberries(*Jun-Jul), melons, many vegetables BagleyMN    
 Nordic Ridge Gardens *u-pick, we-pick strawberries(*Jun-Jul), fall squashes & pumpkins, picnic area BoveyMN    
 Finke's Berry Farm u-pick, ready-picked pesticide-free strawberries (Jul-) CarltonMN    
 Tamarack Hill farm farm lamb, pork, grass fed beef, free range eggs EmbarrassMN    
 Coyote Ridge Farms farm by appt pastured, soy-free pork/chicken/eggs/dairy, grass-fed beef (10mi W of Willmar) KerkhovenMN    
 Ma and Pa's Roadside Ma.. *upick, farm stand strawb(*Jun), raspberries, cucumbers,tomato, corn, many veggies (on Hwy59) OgemaMN    
 J.Q. Fruit Farm & Orchard u-pick blueberries(Jul-Aug), raspberries, apples(13 var) PrincetonMN    
 Triple S Strawberries u-pick, pre-picked strawberries, pumpkins RoyaltonMN    
 Jacks Apple Farm u-pick, farm apples(18 var), free range poultry Sauk RapidsMN    
 Glacial Acres u-pick, ready-picked strawberries, raspberries, black currants, chicken SunburgMN    
 Carman Berry Farm upick, ready-picked natural strawberries, blueberries, raspberries(3), peas, squash WadenaMN    
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