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Central Michigan farms:

strawberries, peaches, raspberries, cherries,
veggies, orchards, and near Grand Rapids

 Got u-pick, farm stand, farm store in Michigan?  Sell your fresh produce here!
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 Central Michigan farms outlet fresh produce    city & state  other contact  
 Blueridge Blueberry Farm u-pick, we-pick blueberries (mid-July thru Aug) (certified naturally grown) CapacMI    
 Felzke Farm u-pick, farm strawberries, tomatoes, peaches, and more DewittMI    
 Russell's Blueberry Far.. u-pick, pre-picked blueberries FreelandMI    
 William Bos Greenhouse .. farm stand raspberries, tomatoes, sweet corn, more vegetables Grand RapidsMI    
 Good Land Growers u-pick, farm stand naturally grown blueberries(Jul-Oct), no chm (20mi E of 131 ex101(M57,S-M91) GreenvilleMI    
 Bowerman Blueberries  farm, farm store strawberries(Jun-Oct!), red raspberries, fresh/frozen blueberries HollandMI    
 The Berry Bunch farm store organic blueberries/ cranberries(fresh/dried/frozen), bog tours HollandMI    
 DeLange's Redberry Farm farm strawberries(Jun)(May for 2012!), raspberries(Aug-Oct) HudsonvilleMI    
 Malick Farms farm by appt natural chicken/pork, goat milk cheese JeddoMI    
 KlineKrest CertifiedOrg.. upick by appt,CSA certified organic strawb/apples & 135 var of fruits/nuts/berries, bt GR/Lansing LyonsMI    
 Montrose Orchards farm store, *upick strawb/raspb, blueberries(*Jul-),cherries, peaches,pears, apples(12) more to Dec MontroseMI    
 Bigelow Berry Farm pre-picked strawberries (June) North BranchMI    
 Blueberry Lane Farms u-pick, prepicked blueberries (Jul-Sep) (20 var), sweet corn Otter LakeMI    
 Fruit Ridge Farm Market.. u-pick, we-pick cherries, strawb,blueb, corn, raspb(Jul-Oct), apples(Aug-Oct) (12mi N of GR) SpartaMI    
 A&L Farm Market *upick, farm stand strawb, *blueberries, cherries, peaches, apples, many veggies (20mi E of GR) West OliveMI    
 Poindexter Farms Strawb.. u-pick u-pick strawberries (*June) (25mi W of Saginaw) WheelerMI    
 other farm products - MI < = = = = > pastured poultry, dairy, bakery, etc  MIMI    
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