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Virginia farms:

strawberries, blueberries,
peaches, apples, vegetables
grass fed beef, fresh fruit, and more

 Got u-pick, farm stand, farm store in Virginia?  Sell your fresh produce here!
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 Virginia farms outlet fresh produce    city & state  other contact  
 Critzer Family Farm *upick, farm store strawberries(*May-Jun), fruits, melons, tomatoes, vegetables AftonVA    
 Greystone Farm farm, pre-picked freshwater prawns-shrimp (fresh: Sept-Oct) ChesterVA    
 Mason Beach Fruit Farm u-pick raspberries, pears, apples, peaches, more HacksneckVA    
 Wood's Orchards Farm Ma.. *upick, farm store *strawberries, *peaches, tomatoes, squash, greens, vegetables HamptonVA    
 Off The Vine Market local delivery local produce: CSA shares, pastured meats/eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt LanexaVA    
 Briar Patch Farm farm pastured beef/eggs, tomatoes, beans, squash, greens LexingtonVA    
 Drumheller's Orchard farm peaches(Jul-Aug), apples(10+var,Aug-Nov) LovingstonVA    
 Swift Creek Berry Farm upick, farm stand blueberries, vegetables MoseleyVA    
 Chesterfield Berry Farm u-pick, farm store strawberries(*Apr-May), blackb(*Jun-Jul), tomatoes, veggies, pumpkins MoseleyVA    
 Virginia Gold Orchard farm pears Natural BridgeVA    
 Westmoreland Berry Farm upick, farm store strawberries, cherries, blackb-blueb-raspb(Jun-Sep), peaches,apples,veggies Oak GroveVA    
 Saunders Brothers farm store peaches, apples Piney RiverVA    
 Seamans' Orchard u-pick, we-pick strawberries(May), sweet cherries, apples (2 days in Sep) RoselandVA    
 Dickie Brothers Orchards u-pick, farm stand apples RoselandVA    
 Mount Olympus Farm *upick, farm *strawb/black/blueberries, many var of tomatoes/peppers/eggplant/squash... Ruther GlenVA    
 Hungry Hill Farm farm by appt, FM raw honey, shiitake mushrooms, mushroom & bee tours all yr ShipmanVA    
 other farm products - VA < = = = = > pastured poultry, dairy, bakery, etc  VAVA