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Georgia farms:

strawberries, blueberries,
peaches, blackberries, orchards, vegetables
grass-fed meat, fresh fruit, and more

 Got u-pick, farm stand, farm store in Georgia?  Sell your fresh produce here!
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 Georgia farms outlet fresh produce    city & state  other contact  
 Calhoun Produce *upick, farm store strawberries(*Mar-May), blackb(*Jun-Jul), 10 var butterbeans/peas(Jun-Oct) AshburnGA    
 Thomas Orchards & Nursery farm store peaches(Jun-Aug), apples(Sep-Oct) BishopGA    
 Ottawa Farms u-pick strawberries(Mar-May), blackb(May-June), blueberries(Jun-Jul) BloomingdaleGA    
 Southern Grace Farms upick, farm stand blueberries, blackberries EnigmaGA    
 Twin Oaks Fun Farm u-pick, we-pick strawberries (late Mar-Jun) (picnic tables, r.r.) ForsythGA    
 Pearson Farm pre-picked peaches(May-Aug, 30 var & peach ice cream) vidalia onions, pecans til Nov Fort ValleyGA    
 William L. Brown Farms farm store peaches(Jun-Aug), blueb, tomatoes, beans, okra, squash, eggplant, peppers... MontezumaGA    
 Kauffman's Farmarket farm, *u-pick strawberries(*Apr-May),peaches(Jun-), corn, figs, veggies (no chm), off I-75 MontezumaGA    
 Manley Farms u-pick blackberries, pears, muscadines, pecans SandersvilleGA    
 Marshall's Farm u-pick, we-pick blueberries(Jun-Jul), muscadines/scuppernongs(Aug-Sep) StatesboroGA    
 The Rock Ranch farm store, *upick strawb(*Apr-May), rasp/blueberries, tomatoes, vidalia onions, beef, more The RockGA    
 Berry Good Farms *u-pick, we-pick blueberries/blackberries/peaches(*Apr-Aug), peaches, persimmons, pecans, eggs TiftonGA    
 Breezy Hill Berries *u-pick, farm blackb.(*Jun), blueberries(*Jun-Aug) & frozen all yr (35mi E of Milledgeville) WarthenGA    
 Washington Farms u-pick strawberries(Apr-Jun), black/blueberries(Jun-Aug), raspb, pumpkins (on Hwy53) WatkinsvilleGA    
 Harrietts Bluff Farm u-pick, we-pick cert organic blueberries(Apr-Jul) & frozen, blackberries (4mi off I-95 ex7) WoodbineGA    
 Paulk Vineyards *u-pick, we-pick muscadines (*midAug-Sep, M-Sat) WrayGA    
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